About us

Life in the slow lane

The idea of Nude Label came to us while we were living in London. Its multiculturalism is what inspired us the most. The mix of faces, languages and ways of life coexisting together is what attracted us there. There was just one thing missing - the sun. It might sound silly but it is hard to live under the rain and surrounded by buildings when you are used to be outside under the sun.

Once we had the project clear on our minds, we decided to come back to Valencia, Spain, and start working on it.  Located by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains, the relaxed and easy-going lifestyle is the key in our designs. We locally create and make basic and long-lasting underwear and swimwear with sustainability and transparency at the core.

As we love mama earth, our goal is to make the least possible impact on the planet. We do also love the people living on it and that’s why ethics are so important to us.

Taking the best of both places, our pieces are made to be as natural as possible and to be worn like a second skin by all kind of people, not just for perfect models.

Clara Ana