1. Company commitment

It is essential to recognize that modern slavery is prevalent throughout the world, and while less common, exists in developed countries.

As a sustainably-minded business, Nude Label is committed to building a workplace in which all individuals are valued, respected, and integrated, and this forms part of our Core Values and Code of Ethics, which can be found on our company website here. 

We carry a commitment towards preventing the occurrence of modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chains for which we are publishing this voluntary Modern Slavery Statement. This statement sets out our approach and the steps we have taken and are taking to identify, evaluate, and address the risk of modern slavery in our organization and supply chain.

By protecting vulnerable groups, engaging in policy and legislation, addressing the business impact, and ensuring that no cases of modern slavery or child labor in our supply chain go unpunished, we are tackling the leading causes of modern slavery.

  1. Organisational structure

Our business is supported by a diverse supply chain that provides the goods, materials, and services we need at different stages of the supply chain. The Nude’s operations manage approximately 15 suppliers across Europe, with a total spend of roughly 90 thousand EUR. Spain and Portugal account for the majority of our annual spending. It is in these countries where our suppliers are located, representing the country of origin of the goods supplied. 

We are committed to local contracting and essentially use local suppliers to minimize supply chain risk to our operations and support local development. In areas that lack strong local businesses, our community and team join forces to identify needs and develop support programs for local businesses to help them meet our quality standards and our expectations concerning conduct. 

We also encourage contractors to promote local partnerships, resulting in employment opportunities and skills variation.

  1. Assign responsibilities and training

Transparency is one of our core values. We are committed to operating transparently and responsibly. Our approach to sustainable business and products has defined needs, goals, and priority areas. 

Meeting legislative requirements and maintaining a strong presence in the countries where we operate supports our business.

Two core components of our sustainability strategy are community building and human rights. We recognize that there is an existing possibility to create an impact on human rights directly through our operations as well as our relationships with contractors and suppliers. We are committed to respecting human rights, for which we actively support our employees and business partners to understand and meet this commitment. Nude Label has a zero-tolerance for any form of modern slavery, including forced, compulsory, or child labor. During our operations, we avoid any complicity in human rights abuses and mean to support relevant international standards.

  1. Detail policies & procedures

We are committed to preventing the occurrence of modern slavery and human trafficking in our assets and supply chains, regardless of their locations. 

To minimize the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking, and encourage reporting of any related concerns, Nude Label’s Code of Conduct is a significant part of the company’s culture. The Code of Conduct makes it clear the Nude Label conducts business consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards and will not tolerate behavior that deviates from those standards. 

Employees, suppliers, and subcontractors are to act with integrity and honesty and promote mutual respect. Nude Labels expects a culture of openness in every workplace, including acknowledgment and compliance with employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, as well as allowing workers to express their concerns about workplace conditions safely and anonymously without fear of punishment, retaliation, or any other adverse action. Nude Label encourages colleagues and other business partners to report any concerns, including any issues relating to modern slavery or human trafficking.

  1. Supplier due diligence

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk, we implement appropriate due diligence of our current and potential suppliers, using a risk-based approach:

  • During pre-qualification, the solicitation process, or at the renewal of an existing contract term, we conduct risk evaluations of our suppliers.
  • In some situations, we may pursue further due diligence, including the use of third party verification.
  • We expect suppliers to collaborate during the time of the investigation and evaluation of potential or unfavorable impacts and provide Nude Label access to relevant information at a reasonable demand. 

If Nude Label identifies a high level of risk, we work with the supplier to determine appropriate corrective action. Nude Label, and the affected supplier, will monitor the response measures until both parties reach an agreement that the desired outcome is achieved. At all times, we reserve the right to suspend, discontinue, or terminate relationships with suppliers when we have reason to suspect or can identify that the supplier:

  • Is in breach of the law, or
  • Refuses or fails to demonstrate reasonable and timely efforts to implement agreed corrective actions required to operate under our Code of Conduct.
  1. Overview of training

Our employees have The Nude Label Code of Conduct at their disposal at the start of their employment. A document that covers our approach to respecting and supporting human rights.

Nude Label is committed to creating a culture where everyone feels free to express their concerns about workplace conditions safely and anonymously without fear of adverse action. This includes employees and contractors working in our offices as well as third parties such as suppliers or subcontractors. We encourage everyone to report concerns regarding conduct that potentially breaches our Code of Conduct and its underlying policies, with a supervisor, manager, or with a local contact at the relevant office. We have zero-tolerance for retaliation against anyone who raises concerns about conduct they believe does not comply with our Code of Conduct or policies, even with unsubstantiated accusations.